• MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: This attractive tray is versatile and has many purposes for all seasons. Carry food, beverages, plates, bowls, cups, glasses and much more from you kitchen to your dining table or outdoor patio while entertaining guests with ease. Organizer for your jewelry, toiletries, cosmetics in your bathroom vanity. Storage for your pens, pencils, paper, and other office supplies on your desk or in your drawer.
  • HIGH QUALITY & EASILY CLEANED: This sleek tray is made of a thick and strong acrylic, making it sturdy and durable for everyday use. Use a soft clean cloth to wipe down this acrylic tray. To remove stickiness use a soft damp cloth. **CAUTION: Do not use Windex or other glass cleaners on acrylic
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  • STURDY AND BREAK-RESISTANT: The plastic is crystal clear and looks just like glass, yet holds up against shattering, even if dropped outdoors. A snugly fitting lid helps keep your drinks safe and prevents spills.
  • FOOD-SAFE AND BPA-FREE CONSTRUCTION: Made from food-safe, BPA-free material that is not only elegant in appearance, but it is safe to store and serve drinks from. It is excellent for iced tea, lemonade, sangria or even just water.
  • FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE. Sturdy enough for outdoor use, but still pretty enough for indoor entertaining. Use poolside, out on the patio, at backyard barbecues, in the kitchen for serving juice at brunch, or even at parties for serving cocktails or beer.
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  • Easier to fabricate than glass. Great for laser engraving. Silver Finish. 24" x 24"
  • Perspex Mirror - Lighter/durable then Glass
  • Lightweight Plexiglass Shatter Proof, Weather Resistance Plastic Plexiglas Acrylite Economical
  • Scratch Resistant Backing, Laser Polished Edges, Protective film masking
  • Ideal for Home Use, Architectural Design, Bathroom, Retail Display, Props & Vanity, Gym, Garden
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  • STYLISH - Present your food in style and impress your guests! This acrylic cupcake stand will beautifully display cupcakes, desserts, finger foods, party appetizers or whatever you want to showcase
  • VERSATILE - Use as a cake and cupcake stand, dessert stand or wedding cupcake stand. It can be used at all types of events and parties such as baby showers, graduations, weddings, christmas, thanksgiving etc. Being made of clear acrylic it looks professional and stylish and will fit in with any decor or party theme.
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  • BATH ACCESSORY SET with lotion dispenser, toothbrush holder, tumbler cup, soap dish, trash can and toilet brush.
  • Easy to Clean! High gloss, durable, scratch resistant surface
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  • High Quality Clear Acrylic Display, Manufactured in the Taiwan.
  • Beautiful Display suitable for Home, Business, or Museum
  • Make your decor pop with this artistically designed modern multipurpose acrylic end table.
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  • 100% Safe Food Grade Acrylic Plastic
  • Serving snacks, cookies, chips, nuts, candies, chocolate, dried fruits, and more.
  • Each of the smaller containers can easily be taken out of larger tray.
  • Makes food preparation and enjoyment much easier and more fun.
  • Great for parties and 'make your own' nights at home!
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  • KNOW EXACTLY WHATS IN THE CANISTER AT A GLANCE: No more guessing games. Even labels cant tell you how much is left in a container, but with clear non-breakable acrylic, you always know
  • AIRTIGHT SEAL AND SECURE CLAMP KEEP FOODS FRESH: These canisters include a silicone gasket and a clamp to ensure a tight fit every time. Your foods will stay fresh and safe from ants and other bugs.
  • IF YOU DROP THEM, THEY WILL BOUNCE: The canisters are lightweight and break resistant, so you never have to worry about them around your kids. Fill them with all your favorite essentials.
  • BPA-FREE AND NO DANGEROUS CHEMICALS TO WORRY ABOUT: Your family is safe when you store your perishable food in Bellemain canisters. No harmful chemicals to leach into foods.
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Computer Aided Design

Technical drawing/ 3D render /structural design


Take a minute with us now and we are going to take you to explore more interests of We Well Industrial Corp. Ltd. We Well is focus on Acrylic storage, table tops, bath ware, office products, furniture products. We have a very strong design team that will present the new products frequently.

We don’t only create the clearest, the most see-through, non-shattered, crystal reflection acrylic items to the whole world, but also produce very safety-oriented products for you and your family.

We provide excellent products and services and be welcome to develop new ideas with you. We can discuss the idea each other and give you our technical suggestion during the development. Hope we can build up glorious business future

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